How-to change your relationship instead of speaking of they: Selecting love past terms

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A telecommunications and you can state-resolving experiences was critical for matchmaking victory; although not, match relationship want more than simply a communications and you can condition-resolving enjoy. Discover a common more than-reliance upon these types of since “royal road to relationship and a thriving, happy matrimony”(Gottman and you may Silver 1999, 8). Such experience are necessary not sufficient to own good relationship and can be contextualized included in the larger few system. (To own details about most other key means to building and maintaining a good healthy matchmaking, understand the National Extension Relationships and you can Marriage Degree Design,

In her own book, The newest Dancing out of Commitment, professional Harriet Lerner (2002) talks about with a genuine voice for the essential intimate relationship. She contends one a crucial part of getting an actual sound try “publicly shar[ing] ability together with dilemmas and you will vulnerability (Lerner 2002, 3). Her much time-term medical behavior suggests that truly sexual telecommunications entails people fully playing both and you can inquiring making clear inquiries that enable her or him to understand both further. Effectively intimate lovers are ready state their own attitude and you can view, regardless of if those range from the lover’s.

Bad interpretations. Negative interpretation activities will exist when lovers believe the brand new poor as an alternative of the greatest about both (Fincham, Bradbury, and Scott, 1990; Holtzworth-Munroe and you will Jacobson 1985). For example partners are maybe not “keeping they confident.” They might engage in a harsh begin-upwards quote centered on an awful interpretation otherwise expectation. They could turn against or out-of the lover when answering in order to a quote. Couples that are more likely to bad perceptions you will rather are amusing a positive cause of the other’s behavior and you will sharing them with its companion. Such as for instance, in the place of, “You did not take out the latest garbage because you should make myself enraged,” Jim you’ll say to his wife, Peg, “I am certain you failed to pull out the latest trash because you think I would personally have significantly more to increase the new can also be.”

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