“E” The R&B Hip-Hop Rockstar


E, one of Washington DC’s hottest rising stars has a brand new release to rock the world with. The Prelude Chronicles Mixtape is a delicious taster of what’s to come from this dynamic new talent, an R&B Hip-Hop Rockstar for the 21st century.

A native of West Philadelphia, E has won awards at the Urban Independent Music Awards two years running, winning DJ of the Year in 2004, and R&B Artist of the Year in 2005. Current hits ‘Like That’ and ‘Could I’ are on rotation on JAM FM, Germany’s premier urban radio station, and ‘Like That’ is receiving play on the UK internet radio station Vogue FM as well.

For more details on this artist please go to his official website at www.rnbhiphoprockstar.com.

The Poetic Therapist

The Poetic Therapist Mister Wright

Destined to be successful in stimulating the mind, body, and soul with his self proclaimed therapy is The Poetic Therapist ‘Mister Wright’. As he embarks his strong presence upon you, you have no choice but to clearly see why The Poetic Therapist ‘Mister Wright’ is slowly but surely becoming a household name.

Mister Wright, son of a Marine was born in Richmond Virginia but raised throughout the United States. Throughout his travels he encountered different walks of nature and adapted a skill that changes a person’s perspectives, emotions, and thoughts into ‘Poetry in Motion’.

Highly involved in theatre arts Mister Wright is no stranger to the world of entertainment. After spending 3 years writing, directing, and starring in countless short television productions Mister Wright had made a name for himself locally. At this point in time his writing became second nature as he expressed himself without the pressures of structure and organization. Shortly after discovering his abilities in 2004, he made his debut on the hottest radio show in D.C., The Poetry Café on Love Talk and Slow Jams with Justine Love and Todd B. With experience in radio and television production another opportunity presented itself which consisted of personalizing poetry for any occasion. Now with that under his belt he has received numerous invitations for guest performances at weddings, book clubs and private parties from the U.S. all the way to Cancun.

In 2007 Phat Cats Entertainment recognized Mister Wright’s talents and brought him on board to strengthen their arsenal. Now paired with “E” The R&B and Hip Hop Rockstar in stage performances all throughout the world, this combination of creative minds flowing through R&B, Hip Hop, and Poetry will allow the world to be touched with our blessings in every way.

Taking on the world as we know it, this artist is sure to leave you with something to look back on; something to face and something to look forward to.

To download some of his work, please go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/misterwright

Da Infamous DJ E-Boogie


Hailing from, The City of Brotherly Love, this West Philly native has been blessing the ‘Wheels of Steel’ for quite sometime now, fueled by his genuine love of music and the influence of some of the biggest names in the DJ arena. Shortly after relocating to Washington, DC, DJ E-Boogie set out to blaze his own trail in the world as a HIP-HOP Dj, some of his milestones include, being a recipeint of the UIMA (Urban Independent Music Awards) for DJ of the Year in 2004, spinning at major hotspots in the DC metro area as well as rockin crowds nationwide as part of the latin HIP-HOP powerhouse CRISTOPOLIS. He has earned several nominations for the mixtape awards online which include: Rookie of the Year, Best New Mixtape DJ, Best East Coast Mixtape DJ, and Best Blends Mixtape Dj. When asked how he viewed himself in this challenging and ever changing market of being a Dj he says “I view myself as a survivor in this game, I come from an era where if you called yourself a Dj, you had the power to take the crowd musically where ever you wanted to, and they would follow no questions asked, nowadays everything is so programmed especially now that the digital age is so common place, I still rock vinyl ya know. In my opinion, If you call yourself a DJ you rock vinyl, because that’s were it all started from, that’s the essence, I’m here to take it back to the days of when you bought a mixtape by a DJ, there was actually some mixing involved,” you can check out some of DJ E-Boogie’s mixtapes on www.phatcats.com. Be on the lookout for DJ E-Boogie’s underground/old skool mixtape series ‘Vynl Alkahol’ droppin this summer as well as THE PRELUDE mixtape feat. E The R&B Hip-Hop Rockstar.

For more details please go to his official website at www.djeboogie.com.